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Installation guide

The laying of marble flooring and walls must be made with care and attention.
For a good aesthetic result, the tiles are pre-selected and blended
to obtain a pleasing natural variations in tone.
We recommend you use glue, which must be performed on dry substrate.
We recommend the hill for example. Kerakoll Flotex H40 (semirapid for floors)
Rapid and H40 (Quick coatings).
With the help of spacers to cross, leaving a gap of 2 or 3 mm.

The grouting is performed in general using the same tone stucco marble laid.
The filling, made with the technique of sponging should be performed on small areas at a time,
pre-wetting the tiles and after grouting, cleaning of grout residue good first
this is dried.
This cleaning of the grout should be performed with accuracy at this stage.

The samples shall be washed using mild detergents, avoiding all the acids and calcium.

On the floor thoroughly clean and dry, you can make the stain resistant treatment
(Long lasting), spreading with a cloth or brush oil-repellent product.
A product is recommended by us such as Fila Fob.

With floor clean, you can make the wax for better maintenance.
Recommend waxes and Fila Fila Classic Matt.

For all your questions is available to our Help Desk Phone 0039 0464 918142