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How to clean stains from marble

how to polish dull marble

How to polish dull marble by hand

Before acting evaluate the severity of the damage

how to remove stains from marble

Before deciding how to clean and polish the marble ruined by the typical etch marks of acidic corrosion we try to assess the extent of the damage. This type of corrosion can occur with different degrees of intensity. The extent of corrosion will determine the method of our intervention. Unlike what is described in our guide to the removal of corrosion stains, for this type of problem, we proceed a little differently. First of all we try to classify the opaque stains on marble by following an intensity scale. As a general suggestion it is good first thing to try to remove them simply by use of polishing granules. In the case that the engraving imprint remains, which can be seen against the light, we will consider the need to use abrasives.

Below we list the various degrees of corrosion of marble to ascend in order of intensity with relative manual method of removal.

How to remove stain from marble (etch marks)

Water stains or slight shadows that do not disappear by using normal marble cleaners (degree 0+)

Method: rub by microfiber cloth over the opaque spots a bit of baking soda powder, wetting with a little mineral water.

Marks of very slight corrosion (degree 1)

How to remove stain on marble

Method: rub vigorously over corrosion by scottex or microfibre cloth a bit of polishing granules wet with mineral water for about 30 seconds along (video)

Etch marks ( degree 2)

how to remove stain on marble

How do you polish marble

Method: rub abrasive sponge grit 1500/2000 (# 4) until the engraving trace is canceled, then rub the polishing granules as indicated above.

Medium depth etch marks (degree 3)

how to clean stains from marble

How to clean white marble

If by pad # 4 is too hard to erase the corrosion impression, you should use the pad # 3 of 800/1000 grit. Then proceed as above.

Rough etch marks (degree 4)

how to clean stained marble

How to remove stains from marble

In this case it is recommended to start sanding by pad # 2 (400/500 grit), then rub by pad # 3, then # 4 and finish with polishing granules.
Be very careful: completely remove the scratches of the coarser grit previous, otherwise the polishing is compromised.

Deeper etch marks

In the event that even by pad # 2 it was difficult to remove the etch marks, you should consider using professional tools to perform the job.

Remove corrosions on green marble

how to clean marble countertops

How to clean marble countertop

Green marbles are subject to acid corrosion but do not respond well to the chemical polishing of polishing granules. In this case the polishing must be obtained mechanically with the finer-grained abrasives (pad # 5 and pad # 6).

Very damaged marble surfaces

how to polish dull marble

How to clean stained marble

When the corrosions invade the entire surface of a counter, cleaning and polishing marble with manual method can be too expensive. In this case it is useful to evaluate the use of professional electric tools (angular sander variable speed for marble).