Fruit stains on marble


“I saw strawberry and lemon stains on marble floor of Verona, how do I do it?”

stain on granite

This request was received. My answer to the removal of fruit stains on marble is in this post.

We can remove the fruit stains on marble with the application of 130 vol hydrogen peroxide for a few hours (see video test)

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Perhaps there will be etch marks because strawberries contain moderately acidic substances.
Lemon stains are mainly due to corrosion due to citric acid contained in this citrus.

How to do it for the faint etch marks?

If we do not know how to deal with the problem, the most popular solution is to camouflage with wax based products that disguise opacity but do not solve the problem. It is the same thing to clean by putting the dust under the carpet.
We suggest solving the problem at its root.
If these stains on marble are in quantity or very large on the floor then professional work is needed for floor re-polishing or brushing.
If it is only a few stains you can opt for a DIY intervention in complete safety and calm.
Only use three small diamond pads to rub in wet grain on the stains and then rub with a bit of polishing powder.
On BMC store you find everything you need low-cost, but we’re not ready with the video tutorials that explain how we go in detail, but it’s a matter of little time and we’ll post it to you.

But be careful!

Once the stains on marble are removed and the polishing is restored, the problem may occur again and again, so it is advisable to have a preventive water-repellent treatment. This kind of treatment makes the limestone stones almost completely waterproof, but …

Still care !!

The surface corrosion problem remains unaltered.

Is there a solution to acid attack while maintaining a natural surface?

The answer is yes, as long as the acidic substances are not allowed to act too long on the floor.
The best known solution is surface waxing. This solution to many does not like, because it makes the floor slippery. If this is the case then get used to washing the floor with Marseille soap and water frequently. A Marseille soap film is similar to a wedge without the disadvantage of slippage.

Last tip, occasionally add a spoon of bicarbonate to the bucket to wipe the surface more thoroughly.

P.S.  Does it frighten the use of hydrogen peroxide, because it is very dangerous for contact with skin and eyes? Then, alternatively, you can fold over the bleach in gel to spread on the stains and let it work for a few hours. The bleach is not creeping, but it is notoriously toxic, while hydrogen peroxide is not. In addition, bleach can lighten dark marbles.

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